The Impact Of Legal Marijuana Use On The Workplace: Should Employers Hire Marijuana Users?

I do not smoke or ingest marijuana—really. Not only would it be illegal to do so in Idaho, where I reside, but I like wine. Personally, apart from legality, I do not view adult-use cannabis as any different from my wine drinking. I appreciate that many, many, many disagree with me. No matter your position on this issue, the reality is that Idaho is completely surrounded by states that have legalized cannabis in one form or another. Moreover, many Idaho employers have facilities or locations in states where marijuana use is legal or have employees who might use marijuana legally when traveling or on vacation. As such, it is incumbent upon employers to review, assess and perhaps modify their drug policies to comport with changes in marijuana legality.

To read more, download the May 2017 article as printed in the Idaho State Bar Advocate.