MRI Associates v. St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center

On June 17, 2014, the Idaho Supreme Court affirmed the October 2011 jury verdict that found Saint Alphonsus liable for establishing and supporting a competitor of MRI Associates while still a partner in MRI Associates and interfering with the relationships between MRI Associates and the physicians who had previously referred their patients to MRI Associates for magnetic-resonance-imaging scans.

In 2007, attorney Wade Woodard and others represented a magnetic resonance imaging partnership (MRIA) in a jury trial against Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center. MRIA alleged that (SARMC) had breached fiduciary duties when it departed MRIA to join a competitive imaging business. After a four week trial, the jury found for MRIA, awarding $63.5 million. Because this was twice the amount of damages asked for, the amount was reduced to $35 million.

On appeal, the judgment was reversed and remanded for a new trial. In 2011, after eight weeks of trial, a jury again returned a verdict in favor of MRIA, this time in the amount of $52 million.